Donation Page for Woolley v. Brown re Hales

This page probably looks kind of cheap, but it provides an easy way to donate. It goes to a secure server at Payment is processed to the Portland Green Party merchant account. Donations will be tracked as a PAC contribution, although donations below $100 per calendar year generally are not public record. Donations sent via this form will be earmarked for the suit and will be disbursed only by vote of the Portland Green Party board.

The limit is $50 per person. For organizations with members, be sure you have a plenary vote with all members eligible or the donation will be returned, and the limit is $50 per member.

Currently the only costs directly incurred so far is the filing fee of $240, but we anticipate more filing costs and potentially we may want to formally pay for legal assistance. We will request legal fees, and if we win them back or get any other rewards, we'll probably vote to keep that in a legal reserve fund for future actions or donate them to an appropriate cause.

To learn about the current status of the case and more details, see this big blog entry.