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yosemite waterfall(0)

Yosemite, hugin, nona, and enblend

Here's three snapshots of a waterfall I saw, merged together.

It's twice the height of Niagara Falls. so I took three vertical shots in landscape orientation zoomed out as far as my lens would go.

Came out pretty well, I think.  Yes, that's a rainbow from the mist that was getting on my camera.

I used autopano-sift, hugin, nona, panotools, libxmi, enblend, and gimp to process the images.  What used to take hours of painstaking by-hand assembling and blending now is done by the computer in minutes.  It's in equirectangular projection.

There's also a slight trick with the polarizer.  The top two photos were polarized to suppress reflection to bring out the water against the rock.

The bottom one is with polarized light passed through to get the rainbow reflection properly, which also contributes to the extra mistiness near the bottom.  So you really couldn't take this picture with a single photo.

86x98 degrees field of view!  Imagine it plastered on a wall ten feet high (but curved on a square arc of a partial sphere quadrangularly), stand five feet (half the height) away with your eyes 5 feet off the ground to get an equivalent view of the camera.

Vernal Falls

The next image is also pretty good, but I overexposed the top.  It's due to not changing the exposure to do high dynamic range compositing later (since I had only room for three more shots).

It's of the Grizzly Giant in the Mariposa Giant Sequoia Grove.  Three portraits merged together in transverse mercator projection (so as not to make Rickie show out of proportion).

There are 50 degrees of horizontal field of view -- but 107 degrees vertically, just to demonstrate the size of the tree!

Grizzly Giant

The last image is a cylindrical projection panorama with vignette correction.  On this image I should have corrected the polarizer for each shot, but neglected to and had to do a little post-processing.

Hugin did a pretty effective vignette correction, and autopano-sift did an excellent job fitting the images together.

This is four landscape shots with a total 54 degree vertical field of view and 224 degree horizontal field of view, which required a cylindrical type of projection (as opposed to a flat projection).

The subject is Little Yosemite above Navada Falls on the northern side.

Grizzly Giant

And a full size 2783 x 512, 3MB image:

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spongebob ghetto(1)

Art in Graffiti (Tagging)

Every day on the Capitol Corridor Amtrak line, I see a pretty cool picture of the "Spongebob Ghetto".  For the best view, geocode 799 Kevin Ct, Oakland, CA 94621 in your favorite mapping program.  Look across the tracks to the back of the NBC Warehouse building.  The view there is relatively unobstructed (except for a short fence).

Here's four photos put together:

An image of the spongebobghetto by kufu, done, krash, original funkateer, baagie amend, sig1, and del

10mb large image:

Note that the tag signatures are (as far as I can tell):

kufu, done, krash, (underwater) funkateer, baagie (amend), sig1, del

Part of it, including with the pre-bra topless mermaid, is also on flickr:

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muir woods(0)

image updates from muir woods

new background image

I added a new title background image to my website of muir beach (the old one was mount hood: )

a maple tree nesled in redwoods in muir woods

An image of a maple tree in the Muir Woods redwood forest

a curved redwood tree in a stand of other redwoods

An image of a curved redwood in the Muir Woods redwood forest

a stand of redwoods toward the canopy

An image of the redwood canopy in the Muir Woods redwood forest

along redwood creek

An image of the redwood creek in the Muir Woods redwood forest

a big barky redwood

An image of a large redwood in the Muir Woods redwood forest

a blacktail mule deer grazing along the redwood creek

An image of a blacktail mule deer in the Muir Woods redwood forest

rickie and seth

An image of Rickie and Seth in the Muir Woods redwood forest

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olympic mountains, strait of juan de fuca, and the puget sound(0)


Now that I can inline images in my blog too, I thought I'd show you one of my favorite panoramas I've taken.

A panorama of the olympic peninsula You can download it in four sizes:


Seth Woolley's Blog photography reallife