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Sun Sep 3 21:51:35 2006 -- miniature font updated

miniature font updated(0)


swoolley miniature fontsI updated my miniature fonts a while back but need to republish them, so here they are.

Five new versions

original small lowercase version
taller lowercase for readability
a double-size of swoolley2
a double-size of swoolley5
A serif'd version of swoolley2


Install the pcf.gz files into /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/misc/, run mkfontdir in that directory, then restart X (or run xset fp rehash). For fontconfig (which these sets now support), I had to change them from ascii encoding to iso-8859-1.  Run fc-cache instead of mkfontdir for fontconfig, of course.  For Windows, copy the .fon files into c:\Windows\fonts (or WinNT, depending on platform).

About was used to convert to bdf format, which is now the native format I use.  The pcf.gz files were compiled with 'bdftopcf | gzip -c'.  The fon files were generated with bdf2fnt.exe -c swoolley.bdf swoolley.fon.

The image represents swoolley, swoolley2, and swoolley5, in order, printable characters 21-7E (in hexadecimal), or the full ascii range, not the full iso-8859-1 range.

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